The Beginning

To begin any great journey you must take the first step.
We have decided that something has to be changed in our life. Here’s how it all began. Last summer, while walking on the Camino in Spain with Hrisi, we decided that we want to travel to South America. We are already tired of living in this consumer society. We do not want to be users but creators, we want to create and to give something to the others. Then came the idea to go as volunteers in South America and we chose Peru. Thus we were approved for volunteers in Santa Marta foundation, we had only to determine the date and to buy the tickets. However the airfares to Peru were not that cheap. Then a friend of mine said that he found a cheap ticket from Madrid to Cancun and already has a one-way ticket to Mexico for the 5th of September. At that time I was reading the blog of a family of two Bulgarians, who were traveling along the Caribbean, Central and South America with their one year old daughter. I was really inspired. If they do it, so we can too.

And here we are – with one-way tickets to Cancun. We will follow the signs along the way and will let them lead us.  We will quit job, will leave our comfortable and “secure” life in Bulgaria, in order to undertake the adventure “volunteers on road.” Why to limit ourselves with volunteering only in Peru, we will find organizations to help in other countries on the way from Mexico to Panama too.

At this moment we are already approved in an organic farm in Mexico, as well as in an organization which cares for orphans in Guatemala. The first step is already done and everything starts to fall into place. We only need to follow the synchronicity of events.
My friend, Kosta, with whom we will travel to Mexico is also inspired by the idea of
volunteering and decided to spend some time with us.
This is just the beginning, the adventure is ahead. And we are confident, inspired and excited.

Because we know that happiness is in the journey. The journey is the reward.

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